About the company

OZE Rentier SA is a dividend company that produces green energy. We set it up to build solar farms and pay dividends to investors from the generated profit. The Management Board of the Company plans to pay dividends every year in the first period and more frequently thereafter. 

It is rarely possible to put an absolute equality between profit and environmental protection. In the case of investments in renewable energy, we can do it without hesitation. When establishing OZE Rentier SA, we wanted to change the world for a better than the one we were born in, which is why we created a business model implementing the mission of protecting the Earth with the possibility of earning at the same time. 

We want as many people as possible to join this process and invest with us in improving air and water quality. In this way, we contribute to the healing of our planet for future generations.


Do you know that since the 1950s on our planet:

  • we have reduced the rainforests, which are the lungs of the Earth, by half,
  • we felled 3 trillion trees
  • we currently cut over 15 billion trees a year,
  • by polluting and over-exploiting rivers and lakes, we have reduced the population of freshwater animals by more than 80%,
  • half of the fertile land is occupied by agricultural land,
  • the population of wild animals in the world has decreased by more than half,
  • 70% of the birds inhabiting our planet are farmed birds, mainly chickens,
  • 90% of large fish disappeared as a result of catches,
  • over the last 40 years, summer ice cover in the Arctic has decreased by 40% and its decline is accelerating global warming,
  • high concentration of sulfur, carbon and nitrogen oxides in the air in combination with rainwater causes the phenomenon of acid rain, and its precipitation leads to acidification of the soil, destruction of vegetation, adversely affecting the human respiratory system,
  • in cities with no wind, a toxic fog called smog is generated, which is especially dangerous in summer, formed during hot weather,
  • the population accounts for 36% of the total mass of mammals in the world, another 60% are animals eaten by humans, and the remaining mammals from mice to cetaceans constitute only 4%

If you have not yet seen the extremely moving documentary of the wonderful David Attenborough – A LIVE ON OUR PLANET “Life on our Planet” (2020) you must see it. You will understand our motivation.

Renewable energy sources are an investment that can record ever higher rates of return from year to year, and OZE Rentier SA is a pioneering company established so that share buyers can earn with us from electricity production.

Poland is obliged to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix, therefore it is worth investing in all technological solutions aimed at increasing the production of energy from renewable sources. To date, only 13% of the 15% target at the end of 2020 has been achieved. Failure to achieve this goal may introduce the need to import green energy from countries with surpluses: Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, or paying high fines.

Renewable in Poland

The European Commission has imposed an obligation on our country to intensify the production of green energy, which automatically provides an outlet for all renewable energy. The long-term contracts that the company wants to conclude with end users allow it to negotiate favorable sale rates and maximize profit for all shareholders.

At the end of 2020, power plants with a total capacity of 3.96 GWp were built in Poland. Energy production is immune to the coronavirus epidemic, it is enough if the sun is shining and the farm itself works.


As a distributed system, photovoltaic farms help to achieve greater energy independence of Poland, in the final calculation favorably affecting the pricing policy on the energy market. Companies such as OZE Rentier SA allow a larger number of shareholders to profit from the energy transformation in the long run. Energy prices are the highest in the so-called demand peaks, that is from 11.00 to 15.00 and in the summer (July, August), and this is the time when the production from solar farms is the highest.

The long-term Polish target for the share of energy from renewable sources in the overall energy balance is 21% by 2030. The European Union has already set a very ambitious goal, by 2050 it wants to achieve climate neutrality. All this means that in the coming years we can expect a greater demand for both technologies and the production capabilities of solutions related to the production of energy from renewable sources. Additionally, the increase in prices of CO 2 emission rights will drive the RES market.

According to the report “The Polish energy sector. 4 scenarios ”, developed by Forum Energii, wholesale prices will increase regardless of the energy mix. The cost of CO 2 emission allowances, which is constantly growing, will also affect the price of energy .

Prognoza hurtowych cen energii
Prognoza cen uprawnień do emisji CO2

All this indicates that the group of green energy consumers will continue to grow, which secures the sales market for producers and provides them with favorable contract control options.

All the above data are clear arguments for the security of investments in solar farms and the possibility of profit for shareholders. Photovoltaic installations are designed for a period of up to 30 years, so the payment of dividends from profits takes place in a very long period. For investors, it is a unique opportunity to get involved in the fight for environmental protection.

The production of electricity from RES is a model that is successfully pursued not only by Europe, but also by all major global economies. The share of RES in the global energy mix is ​​increasing year by year. Throughout 2019, a total of 176 GW of new RES capacity has been added, reports the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The total power of the photovoltaic installations connected to the power grids reached the level of 580.1 GWp. An additional 3.4 GWp is not connected. The total capacity from RES exceeds 2.5638 TW of capacity, which also includes 1.3109 TW from a hydroelectric power plant and 622.7 GW of wind. The remaining power comes from biomass and geothermal energy.

The production of green energy is so developed that there are already countries (Denmark, Germany) that fulfill 100% of their temporary electricity needs thanks to renewable energy. Let’s go the same way together.

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Tomasz Zieliński (LI) – Co-owner, President of the Management Board – graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, where he worked for 7 years. President of the Management Board at OZE-SYSTEM Sp. z o. o. Commercial director in several companies, for several years he worked as a trainer. Investor in the real estate market. Rounded Cape Horn, he was in Antarctica, Tomasz is a multiple marathon and ultra marathon runner.

Andrzej Tersa (LI) – Co-owner, Vice President of the Management Board – electrical power engineer and renewable energy expert. Responsible for the sale of electricity in the company. A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology. In his career, he managed (as the President of the Management Board) such companies as ENERGA Hydro, ENERGA SA, Elektrownia Wodna in Włocławek, ENERGA WIND, Vice President at PGE Energia Odnawialna SA

Piotr Frejowski (LI) – Co-owner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board – IT and technology expert – graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Manager and IT solutions architect with many years of experience in project management. He participated in the implementation of projects in various parts of the world.

Jolanta Fraszyńska – Co-owner, Member of the Supervisory Board – Polish film and theater actress. A graduate of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław. Promoter of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, personal and spiritual development. She takes initiatives to protect the natural environment, for two years she has been an ambassador of the Social Campaign “Forum against depression”.

Marzena Gryzińska-Czura – PR Manager – Actress, theater and television producer, certified business trainer, graduate of the Theater Academy and SWPS in Warsaw. The experience gained uses creative media campaigns in OZE Rentier SA, responsible for contacts with the media and building the company’s image.